OverPlay is an easy to use DD-WRT provider

OverPlay operates 50+ servers in 30+ countries and makes DD-WRT set up simple.   The VPN service is inexpensive with various discounts for increased service duration:

1 month – 9.95

3 mounts – 27.95

6 months – 52.95

12 months – 99.95

Be sure to pick their VPN service not the clever, but insecure, DNS service that you get for free with VPN service.

Installation was easy with a Windows or Mac OS X installation program.   It worked flawlessly with our Windows 7 test machine and DD-WRT test router.

Looking at the DD-WRT menus it added a MyPage menu under the Status tab.   After entering our OverPlay user name and password we got to pick our exit server and other attributes.

 For regular readers of this site you can image that we were VERY impressed with the “Block Internet on Disconnection” option as well as the automatic reconnect and connect at startup options.   Checking all 3 is the best way to stay secure continuously.   Lack of a feature like this is a huge flaw in some other providers installations.

Our tests with Speedtest.net were strange.   It automatically selected a server nowhere near our selected exit server.   When we tried to manually select a closer server we got the below results.   However throughput was sufficient for YouTube at 1080p.   Odd.   Regardless we have to rate on substance not perception.



The OverPlay privacy policy is another possible blemish.   Its pretty open ended.   In summary if they are subpoenaed they’ll give you up and apparently keep the logs to do so.   If they get a P2P related notice on you they will suspend your account and revoke it if the report is valid.

Despite these potential drawbacks OverPlay offers a great service that is easy to install and low cost.

Disclosure: SecureRouter is an OverPlay affliate

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