Testing HideMyAss! Pro VPN on DD-WRT

HideMyAss is generally a great service with many, many servers.   They offer almost every protocol imaginable.   They also have great customer service.  However they still have a ways to go with DD-WRT integration.   There are multiple installation options using PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN over UCP or TCP.   All methods require filling in Setup menus.   OpenVPN setup requires either pulling their script from their server or copying and pasting.  Only so many services offer PPTP, so if your router can’t run OpenVPN they might be the only show in town though you really should get a better router.

Pricing seems reasonable:

(click to enlarge)

Update: HMA has released their 2012 Summer Sports Special with pricing discounts up to 36%.

They are UK based and had some recent bad PR related to Anonymous.   They were publicly identified as an attack route that Anonymous used and shortly thereafter some Anonymous members were arrested allegedly based on HMA logs.   Some people were very upset, but the facts are users publicly admitted using their services for illegal activities and the authorities subp0enaed HMA and got the information they wanted.   Would other providers do this?   Maybe, maybe not.

What can’t be debated is that HMA has servers blanketing the planet in countries that other providers aren’t even close to expanding into.   In Europe and the US there are multiple servers in major cities and lots of servers even in minor cities.   Their customer service is responsive and there PC software is well put together.

At this time I can’t wholeheartly recommend HMA! Pro VPN for DD-WRT router use unless you have a special circumstance like your router can’t run OpenVPN.   If they were to offer better integration they would be a great choice though,

Disclosure: SecureRouter is an affliate of HideMyAss! Pro VPN

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  1. HMA is good if you want to hide your identity, but I would not reemmocnd them as an outside-the-US media streaming solution unless you want a HUGE headache.1) PPTP server connection is spotty or unavailable for some routers, even using DD-WRT. This forces you to use their L2TP servers, which have no application-based speed test, so you’re going in blind (you could wind up with a server that’s 3mbps, or one that is 10mbps). Generally, if you’re from Canada, most L2TP servers are slow.2) HMA’s L2TP servers are unreliable. There’s a 100% chance of the server going dead, it’s just a matter of when. Several times I was in the middle of watching a Netflix movie and the server would drop, forcing me to log back onto the router and manually switch to another server.Hide My Ass turned out to be a Pain In The Ass. However, if you just want to conceal your identity, I guess I would reemmocnd them. It’s just that there are other, far better solutions to geoblocked media streaming.One more thing, I’m convinced that HMA people are tanking reviews in their favour. Take a look at their forums and you will see tons of people having problems with the service.GD Star Ratingloading…

    • Just bought the 6 mhtnos membership. They have it on sale 27% off ( ) I like it so far, the connection and the speed are super fast. No problems watching movies online. However it seems I can’t send emails using outlook when the hide my ass is turned on. Anyone has the similar problem?GD Star Ratingloading…

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