Astrill VPN offers great DD-WRT integration in our tests

Astrill VPN

Astrill offers one of best DD-WRT implementations out there (and now they support Tomato too).

Installation is straightforward using their client side software (Windows/Mac/Ubuntu) to push a “MyPage” onto your DD-WRT router.

The page is feature rich with settings to:

- Select a server (90 servers/45 countries including some optimized for P2P and some optimized for streaming from the US)

- Protocol select (UDP/TCP)

- Tunnel options (all traffic/only international)

- Auto start

It also has indications for:

- VPN status (HUGE!)

- Account expiration date

Astrill support was good.   I couldn’t get it to immediately work.   I got a reply within 12 hours asking that I try TCP instead of UDP.   That did the trick and I was good to go.   On our test router (Netgear with Broadcom chip at 264 MHz, 16 MB RAM and 4 MB Flash) service was crisp without any significant lag.

Pricing seems reasonable:

 (click to enlarge)

All in all Astrill is highly recommended getting a perfect score in our ratings.


Disclosure: is NOT a Astrill affiliate or reseller.

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