Asus Routers for DD-WRT

Model Processor RAM [MB] Flash [MB] WLAN modes Number for Ethernet Ports Number of USB ports Price
RT-N66U Broadcom 600 MHz 256 32 A/B/G/N 4 x 1000/100/10 2 149.99
RT-N16 Broadcom 480 MHz 128 32 B/G/N 4 x 1000/100/10 2 $79.99
RT-N13U Ralink 380 MHz 64 8 B/G/N 4 x 100/10 1 $52.98
RT-N10+ Broadcom 300 MHz 32 8 B/G/N 4 x 100/10 1 $26.14
RT-N53 Broadcom 300 MHz 32 8 A/B/G/N 4 x 100/10 - $59.99
RT-N12 Broadcom 300 MHz 32 8 B/G/N 4 x 100/10 - $79.99
WL-500GU Broadcom 264 MHz 32 8 B/G 4 x 100/10 2 $42.99

(Prices as of 12/16/2012)

Commentary: As stated elsewhere the Asus RT-N66U is hands down the best consumer router available and it can be easily updated to DD-WRT.   Its powerful enough to run multiple VPN tunnels for the high end, high security user.   It is also the most expensive router listed here.

The Asus RT-N16 is a good compromise that offers fast performance at a more manageable price.   Its plenty of router for most users with many of the same features as the RT-N66U (same Flash, same Gigabit ethernet, same number of USB ports).   It has plenty of power to handle a VPN or 2.

Dropping to the budget routers the new Asus RT-N10+ still offers great features for a price comparable to any other budget option, BUT you still get to run DD-WRT with a VPN (8 MB of Flash will allow a minimum installation of DD-WRT with OpenVPN).   You also get a bonus USB port for a printer or USB storage device.

The rest aren’t highly recommended unless you really need a particular feature:

  • For the price why get the Asus WL-500GU over the Asus RT-N10+ unless you really need the 2 USB ports?
  • Why get the Asus RT-N12 with the Asus RT-N10+ available?
  • The Asus RT-N53 is ok if you really need WiFi A for older, older devices and don’t care about the USB, but why not replace that old device and rock the Asus RT-N10+?
  • The Asus RT-N13U has pretty good numbers for the price, but the Ralink processor would give me some pause and probably push me to the Asus RT-N16.

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