PureVPN adds Android App!

From PureVPN:

How it Works?

It cant get any simpler than this. Really!

Absolutely free for existing PureVPN Paid Customers.
Download the app from our website or Google play store.
Enter your credentials.
Tap on connect.

What’s New in it?

PureVPN Android App offers a variety of features which are as follows.

For both rooted & non rooted phone [4.0 version or later].
One Click Connect.
OpenVPN Support.
24/7 In-App Customer Support.







Using a VPN on your Android phones can be just as desirable as using one on your laptop.   When using open WiFi it is much less clear what data your phone is encrypting and what it isn’t compared to a laptop connecting to a https website.   Although most VPN providers allow for Android or iOS connections the set up can be cumbersome and annoying.

The PureVPN removes these barriers with its new app.


Disclosure: SecureRouter.Org is a PureVPN affiliate 

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