JaiRo: A DIY Router to rule them all?

As we ask our routers to do more and more… run VPN tunnels… act as ad hoc file servers… act as FTP servers… and more and more at some point their little 300 to 500 MHz processors run out of juice and their primary function, routing, suffers.   JaiRo is a Kickstarter project seeking to get ahead of the curve by developing an open source software to run on x86 64 bit processors.   This could be the ultimate home appliance that could be used for serving files, serving IP web cams, serving media and routing.   A demo UI is available on the project web site.

This could also be the ultimate easy-to-build DIY router that could overshadow DD-WRT and OpenWRT and most OEM firmwares.  Have an old clunker.. make it a router!   Worried about power consumption — new low power x86 processors and SoC units are coming out every day.   If the Kickstarter is funded look for big things in 2014 from these guys.

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