CISPA means get a VPN


According to TechDirt via an article published on April 26th of 2012 the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act or CIPSA passed the House in a rushed vote and soon will be reaching President Obama’s desk for review.

Michael Maxstead (founder of comments “Similar to SOPA and PIPA, CISPA again threatens online privacy by effectively eliminating the 4th amendment of our constitution when it applies to online behavior. Although President Obama has threatened that he would veto CISPA this recent version of CISPA was amended slightly to make it more palatable for passage. It’s far from a sure thing that CISPA will be shot down so its important you let it be known that you are not in favor of this legislation”

The impending CISPA legislation proposes that ISPs and other online Web services and sites monitor and store customer’s Internet activities. In addition to monitoring and storing data companies must report data collected when asked via any Government organization.

Mr Maxstead further comments “Under the auspices of cyber security this legislation would allow Internet providers and other online companies to share the information that they collect with any government authority or agency. There have been many amendments to the legislation offered an attempt to satisfy activists objections but amendments that have been offered up to this point have been ineffective at satisfying activists objections. This maneuver should be a eye-opener for the American public. Unfortunately online privacy is eroding and most Intenet users will now need the services of a VPN provider if they wish to maintain privacy on even the basest of levels, i.e. e-mails, Skype, or any other Internet communications.”

According to ArsTechnica, ISPs have entered an agreement with the RIAA/MPA to monitor Internet communications for possible copyright infringement activities. This program is due to start in July of 2012 and five ISPs have agreed to create a punitive program. No ISPs have agreed to permanent Internet banishment however many are already outlining graduated levels of punishment for repeat offenders.

Mr. Maxstead asserts that “if American Internet users would like to retain their privacy then they should be looking at signing up with a VPN or proxy service. And even then complete privacy will not be assured. Tor services and networks are also often talked about but these services often end up being impractical for everyday and continued use.”

Mr. Maxstead explains “the US government has computers and decryption software that could feasibly decrypt virtually any encryption an Internet user could implement. But decryption of the 128 bit encrypted VPN stream could take up to several weeks for a solution, and cost in the tens of thousands of dollars. And while a VPN solution may not totally assure your privacy, it can increase the cost of decryption to a point that makes it unfeasible. Using a good VPN, combined with either a 128 bit, or 256 bit encryption will create a stream that is cost prohibitive for decryption. And if decryption is difficult for the government, the ISPs won’t bother, and the possibility of nosy employees and others intrusive eyeballs won’t be a worry.”

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