VPN providers by rating and price

The below is a summary of our reviews and VPN pricing as of 12/21/2012.   Pricing represents the price for the minimum commitment level, typically 1 month.   Discounts are usually given for longer service durations. 1. Astrill – 5/5 stars – Under $10 2. Overplay – 4/5 stars – Under $10 3. HideMyAss – 4/5 stars –

AceVPN provides rudimentary DD-WRT service

AceVPN operates a number of serves in 13 countries located in North America and Europe.   Their pricing is below. DD-WRT and Tomato set up is accomplished via the web interface by hand.   This presents the usual problem that if you loss your VPN connection you may not realize it. P2P is allowed on

OverPlay is an easy to use DD-WRT provider

OverPlay operates 50+ servers in 30+ countries and makes DD-WRT set up simple.   The VPN service is inexpensive with various discounts for increased service duration: 1 month – 9.95 3 mounts – 27.95 6 months – 52.95 12 months – 99.95 Be sure to pick their VPN service not the clever, but insecure, DNS

PureVPN delivers fast, annoying service to DD-WRT

PureVPN is a well liked VPN offering a variety of platforms, gateway countries (14) and servers (50+).   It can be used with 8 different platforms – Windows, Mac, Linux, Nokia, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or, of course,  DD-WRT.  In addition to OpenVPN it can run under PPTP, L2TP or IPSec. PureVPN takes privacy seriously with

Using BlackVPN on DD-WRT

BlackVPN seems to be a good barebones VPN network.   For the PC it uses that standard OpenVPN client for Windows with custom scripts.   Its DD-WRT implementation is similar in that its script based.   Using their directions and some copy and pasting the installation worked the first time though it required going through

Testing HideMyAss! Pro VPN on DD-WRT

HideMyAss is generally a great service with many, many servers.   They offer almost every protocol imaginable.   They also have great customer service.  However they still have a ways to go with DD-WRT integration.   There are multiple installation options using PPTP, L2TP or OpenVPN over UCP or TCP.   All methods require filling

Astrill VPN offers great DD-WRT integration in our tests

Astrill offers one of best DD-WRT implementations out there (and now they support Tomato too). Installation is straightforward using their client side software (Windows/Mac/Ubuntu) to push a “MyPage” onto your DD-WRT router. The page is feature rich with settings to: – Select a server (90 servers/45 countries including some optimized for P2P and some optimized for

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