DD-WRT or Tomato or OpenWRT or….

Which third party firmware is right for you?  Have you bought your router yet?   If you’re working with an existing router it hinges on which enhanced firmware will support it and whether that router has enough flash memory for a more complete installation, such as one supporting OpenVPN. * VPN GUI added by select

Make your VPN more secure

TorrentFreak had a great article on how to make sure you’re fully protected while using a VPN provider. Autodisconnect Before launching into more detail on some of the items they covered I want to touch on an important item not covered.   Its very important that the internet connection be severed if the VPN tunnel goes

How we rate VPN providers

We’ve tried to make our ratings as non-subjective as possible aka we use hard numbers or guidelines instead of our own biases and opinions. Below are the guidelines we use to rate VPN service providers. We rate on a 5 point scale with attempts made to rate as 1, 3 or 5 to make better

Does VPN protocol matter?

Yes, it does! PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) is popular because it is very easy to configure and it was the first VPN protocol that was supported by Microsoft Dial-up Networking.   It has marched forward through time and is supported by iOS and Android.   It is included with micro installations of DD-WRT. The problem is that

Buying a router for DD-WRT

Despite the huge list of routers that can run DD-WRT some can not.   Furthermore some can not run it well.   The attributes that determine this are: Chipset manufacturer (Broadcom, Atheros, etc).   Faster is better as this is the processor that needs to decrypt and encrypt the VPN tunnel.   Some chip sets

Does DD-WRT hurt performance?

This blog for the most part is a DD-WRT fanboy website by any measure.   Having said that DD-WRT isn’t right for every situation.    Such as: – Routers with every little flash memory (if you can’t get most of the features of DD-WRT why bother?) – Routers with every little RAM (if you’re going

Why use a VPN?

The reasons for using VPN have become legion.   Here are some of the best ones: Defeat ISP deep packet inspection - Maintain your privacy and keeping your ISP from throttling your account due to software or port usage Protect your IP address - The IP address is a personal identifier. Prevent websites from using your IP address to

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