Heart Bleed: Update OpenVPN now

More information here Many VPN providers use OpenVPN and are issuing updates.

DD-WRT increases router sessions and throughput

    Although a bit old this article on SNB shows a quantitative difference between OEM Firmware, DD-WRT and Tomato.   The take away is for most users DD-WRT is better.   For single users than Tomato could be better.   At least with those firmware editions…

New DNS Leak Test Websites

DNS leaks can be a huge problem that can make your VPN connection less anonymous.   Historically DNSLeakTest has been kind enough to provide a robust website to check for leaks and ways to resolve them (solutions mirrored locally here).   Earlier this year the site was hit by an outage that left users with no

Using a VPN with your Roku

Roku has apps, or channels, for all the leading streaming services, including Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Instant and RedBox Instant.   Unfortunately these channels are still region restricted.   Roku does not have the ability to run a VPN itself, but it can take advantage of a VPN being run on your router.   This can

How to resolve DNS leaks

www.DNSLeakTest.com is back up.   During its downtime though users were left wondering if they are leaking.   If you are unsure (and in the case of future downtime) you should assume are you and follow their procedure: How can I fix a DNS leak? The solution is to ensure that once connected to the

Save some power and go lights out

Many pirateboxes are packaged with batteries to run while mobile or at least away from an outlet.   Although LEDs are very energy efficient they do in fact use energy.   If the unit is in a case then the utility of using the LEDs for diagnostics is not useful. The LEDs on the  MR3020

Simple ways to keep tabs on your piratebox

For those not versed in Linux or even those versed in another flavor the following work well to see what’s going on with your piratebox. To find the number of currently connected users iw dev wlan0 station dump | grep -c Station To get server uptime and average processor loads over the last 1, 5 and 15

PirateBox… the other way to be secure

The PirateBox by David Dart and others is an interesting solution to the problem of secure file sharing.   If you’re not on the internet and the “server” doesn’t keep a log then you’re secure.   There are many incarnations of PirateBox, but at its most basic level its a WiFi server with a shared

Is Wi-Fi secure enough?

Or is Wi-Fi secure enough or should I be using a VPN all the way to my computer.  A huge advantage of moving the local side of the VPN tunnel to your router is it takes the pressure off weaker devices and allows for the use of devices that don’t support VPNs.   If you

Why install a VPN on your router?

By installing a VPN on your router you get all of the benefits of the VPN, but for all of your devices not just one. – Easily connect all your devices – PS3, Xbox, Wii, smart TVs, everything – Connect devices that don’t support OpenVPN – Connect all your computers simultaneously with 1 VPN account – Puts

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