Android on your router?

I just became aware of a successful Kickstarter campaign to port Android to routers.   The plans call for the UI to be via a web page and the ability to run regular Android apps, like VPN apps.   They also plan a DroidiFi app store with apps like PowerBoost and Mesh. This will be one

CES 2014: Linksys WRT is back and better!

From ARS Technica First released in December 2002, the blue and black WRT54G is an instantly recognizable consumer product despite not being a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Belkin’s Linksys division unveiled a new router with the same design today at the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s planned to be available in the spring for $299.99. And

PureVPN hacked?

* Final Update * PureVPN has posted full details of the attack including: – encrypted salted passwords were compromised, so reset your password now – names and e-mails were also compromised – VPN service and billing information were NOT compromised – Existing customers will get 2 to 5 weeks FREE as compensation – Returning customers

Should you bother to VPN with the NSA listening?

Yes. And I’m not the only one who thinks so.   Google does.   Google had already planned to encrypt the data going between its data centers and is now accelerating efforts.   Even if the NSA or others are out there a VPN is still your best route to protection: It takes a super

PureVPN adds Android App!

From PureVPN: How it Works? It cant get any simpler than this. Really! Absolutely free for existing PureVPN Paid Customers. Download the app from our website or Google play store. Enter your credentials. Tap on connect.   What’s New in it? PureVPN Android App offers a variety of features which are as follows. For both

JaiRo: A DIY Router to rule them all?

As we ask our routers to do more and more… run VPN tunnels… act as ad hoc file servers… act as FTP servers… and more and more at some point their little 300 to 500 MHz processors run out of juice and their primary function, routing, suffers.   JaiRo is a Kickstarter project seeking to get ahead

NSA scandal nicely summarized

Lifehacker has a nice summary of the recently exposed (and some not so recently exposed) large scale internet spying by the NSA.   I’d like to tell you that a VPN resolves all your privacy concerns, but I can’t based on the allegedly complicity of firms like Microsoft, Google and Yahoo!   What good is

6 strikes goes live and everyone notices finally

I picked up the Wall Street Journal Tuesday and was greeted with an article detailing the new internet environment that most Americans will face.   Google News is now tracking hundreds of stories on the “6 strikes” or Copyright Alert System that we’ve been warning against since last year. As a reminder this is a system where

Fastest VPNs of 2013

Greyone has posted some great data on latency and speed for a number of VPN providers and their various servers . It looks like overall, for a US based servers, PureVPN takes top marks. Looking worldwide he declared PIA and IPVanish the winners.

Verizon Six Strikes plans become public

TorrentFreak has obtained the following from the Verizon web site: This appears to (somewhat) ally earlier fears that deep packet sniffing would be used to find infringing content claiming that Verizon will only act on “copyright owners” data.   Where do they get their data?   “Automated methods”.   Are these honeypot?   Deep packet

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